Top 10 worst football injuries of all time

In every sport there will be injuries waiting to happen, some are minor that are easy to recover from, others may take up years to recover while there are those that are horrific that it endangered their lives and cost their professional careers. Football players from various countries have experienced such horrific injuries. The following are top 10 worst injuries occurred in football matches.

10.) Henrik Larsson

Celtic vs Lyon, October 22, 1999

Henrik Larsson injury

Henrik Larsson suffered a career-threatening injury, a double fracture of the left leg during the Lyon vs. Celtic face off.  After breaking his leg in two places, he spent eight months on the sidelines. When he finished his rehabilitation, he fully recovered and managed to be the best striker in his club by scoring a total of 242 goals.

9.) Alan Smith

Liverpool F.C vs Manchester United, February 18, 2006

Alan Smith injury

In 2006, Alan Smith played for Manchester united, during a game againgst Liverpool he broke his leg and dislocated his ankle. The injury happened when he landed awkwardly while trying to block a free-kick from John Arne Riise. He had an operation the next day, after which the physicians estimated that he would be out of action for nine months speed up his recovery.

8.) Kieron Dyer

Bristol Rovers vs WestHam, August 18, 2007

Kieron Dyer injury

During his professional career English midfielder Kieron Dyer was prone to injuries, he suffered the worst injury that affected his career when he broke his right leg in two places following a pretty nasty tackle from Joe Jacobson in a League Cup match against Bristol Rovers. Because of that injury he missed the entire 2007–08 season. Dyer had only played 16 times for his team.

7.) Francesco Totti

Italian vs. Empoli F.C, February 19, 2006

Francesco Totti injury

Francesco Totti suffered a fracture of his left fibula and ligament damage while playing in the Italian Championship against Empoli F.C. after being fouled by Richard Vanigli. His doctor a renowned Italian orthopedic surgeon decided to attach a metal plate to his ankle during surgery. The operation was successful and he manage to recover from that horrific injury.

6.) Djibril Cisse

Liverpool v Blackburn, October 30, 2004

Djibril Cisse injury

Cisse’s first injury happened when he broke his leg when he was playing against Blackburn Rovers. Both tibia and fibula bones of his left leg fractured following an awkward landing after the striker caught his blade boots in the turf. Two years later, he shattered his right leg while on a pre-tournament warm-up against china forcing him to miss world cup finals. In all these occasions, he took averagely seven months to recover.

5.) Luc Nilis

Aston Villa FC v Ipswich, September 9, 2000

Luc Nilis injury

Luc Nilis of Aston Villa broke his leg after colliding with goalkeeper Richard Wright of Ipswich. He sustained a double compound fracture of his right shin just after playing three times for villa. His leg suffered an infection and the doctors feared of a possible amputation. It was later ruled out, but that freak accident affected his playing career forcing an abrupt retirement four months later.

4.) Eduardo da Silva

Arsenal v Birmingham, September 23, 2008

Eduardo da Silva injury

Eduardo suffered a broken left fibula and an open dislocation of his left ankle in a match against Birmingham City. The injury happened following a tackle by Martin Taylor of Birmingham. After the incident he was immediately taken to Selly Oak Hospital for surgery. Almost a year later, he fully recovered and returned to play for Arsenal first team.

3.) Petr Čech

Reading v Chelsea, October 14, 2006

Petr Cech injury

Čech sustained a head injury in the match against Reading at the Madejski Stadiumt. In most cases, goalkeepers are at higher risk than other players and this was proved in this incident. Cech almost lost his life after the horrific accident. He was kneed in the head leaving him severely concussed. He also collapsed in the dressing room after he was carried from the playing field. He suffered a blood clot and was rushed to Royal Berkshire Hospital where he underwent surgery for a depressed skull fracture.

Initially, it was reported that this giant goalkeeper was to take one year to recover. However, Cech completely recovered and joined the first team after three months.

2.) Patrick Battiston

France v West Germany, July 8, 1982

Patrick Battiston injury

French defender Patrick Battiston suffered an infamous injury after colliding with Harald Schumacher, the West German goalkeeper. Schumacher’s brutal shoulder charge separated Battiston from his senses knocking him unconscious on the spot. He fully recovered after five months of rehabilitation and therapy. The incident marked him with a cracked vertebra and damaged teeth to this day.

1.) David Busst

Manchester United v Coventry City, April 8, 1996

David Busst injury

David Busst broke his leg after clashing with Brian McClair and Denis Irwin of Manchester United. He suffered an extensive compound fractures to both the tibia and fibula of his right leg. The match was delayed for at least nine minutes to clean the blood from the pitch. The injury is often cited as one of the worst in the history of professional football. After the incident, Busst underwent 26 surgeries and suffered several infections. Because of the gravity of the injury he sustained, Busst was forced to retire from professional matches.